Support groups for women who experienced trauma

Resource-oriented,  Body-centered Art Therapy

These groups focus on connecting participants with their outer and inner resources and strength. We all tend to focus on the problem and often overlook resources already present. The groups are experiential and educational giving women the understanding and tools to establish a sense of control and stability which are fundamental for trauma resolution. The group-processes also assist women to move from isolation to new connections with other women to promote healing.


 “I was afraid and overwhelmed with negative emotions and now I feel positive, empowered and more able to cope”…..

“Claudia uses her gifts and personal experience, understanding to guide you through a very powerful, healing and growing process that was so nurturing and empowering”

“It has changed my life completely”…..

The program consists of:

  1. Learning simple mindfulness practices
  2. Somatic body centered exercises
  3. Education about the biology of trauma
  4. Inner child connection/healing
  5. Boundary explorations
  6. Creative arts process to ground experiences and encourage further insights.

 These processes are supported in a non-judgmental environment respecting each person’s pace and ability.

It is important that participants will have an initial interview session to assess suitability or are referred by a mental health care worker.

 As the program is structured to gradually increase skills and awareness it is important that participants can commit to all sessions.


Claudia M.Gyr

Claudia holds a Masters in Creative Arts Therapy and has been trained in other therapy approaches like NLP, Gestalt, Kinesiology, Relationship Related Psychotherapy and Somatic Experiencing.

 At present these groups are run and funded through the kind support of the Women’s Resource Service , Mullumbimby Neighbourhood Centre.

Mullumbimby Art Therapy is looking for other organisations and sponsors who also like to support these groups. Claudia is happy to travel to your location and tailor the groups to your needs.

Don’t hesitate to contact me for further information. Ph 02 66846543 or email through the contact page

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