December, 2009:

Parent and Child Group

  • Strengthen your relationship through interactive, playful, creative activities.
  • Explore new creative activities you can share with your child.
  • Gain deeper understanding and respect for each others inner worlds.
  • Expanding your knowledge about emotional literacy.

Absolutely no artistic skills required

This group is for children aged 6-8 and their parents

Held once a month either Saturday or Sunday from 10am-2pm

Cost $70 total (for parent and child)

Bookings are essential.

Interactive Art Exploration Groups for Children

Interactive Art Exploration Groups for Children

In our society there is such an emphasis on our thinking process that we can loose touch with our bodies, senses and experiences, in short, lose touch with big parts of ourselves. This can greatly impair our emotional well being.
As it is important to develop awareness of all our senses, I use various modes of expression and different materials and techniques
e.g. painting, drawing, sculpting, movements and dialogue.

The groups offer a supportive and caring space for children to explore and express themselves in a playful and creative way.

The focus is on:

  • Experimenting with different materials and techniques
  • Process rather than goal oriented
  • Sharpen the senses, and learn about emotions
  • Gaining confidence and trust to create and express
  • Encourage creative imagination and thinking
  • Improving relational skills
  • The importance of being seen and heard

This group has grown out of a passion to encourage children’s natural curiosity and assisting them in developing a healthy, creative sense of self.

The groups are kept small so children get the attention they need.

Sundays or Saturdays 10am- 2pm Cost $50