August, 2011:

Brain Plasticity

Here an other youtube about the Mind and Brain and how lasting changes can happen through mindfulness by Dr. Rick Hanson. He is a presenter at the Buddhism and Psychotherpay conference held in Sydney on the 13th and 14th of August. You find information on You also find more information and resources on R.Hanson’s website which is

Arts in Healthcare Conference

73 Cents Mural - Nurse turned away from the patientHere some information which may be of interest about this area. The people who sent this information have a very informative website regarding arts in healthcare.

Arts in Health Conference: Call for Papers

The Society for the Arts in Healthcare is now accepting abstracts for
presentations at our 23rd annual international conference, Arts &
Health: A Global View. The conference, one of the foremost learning
and networking opportunities in the arts in health field, will be held
in Detroit, Michigan, USA, May 2nd through 5th, 2012. Presentations
will be accepted in several areas, including: Practice, Healthcare
Environments, Research and Evaluation, and Experiential Workshops. For
complete information and to submit your abstract, please visit Abstracts must be
submitted by September 16, 2011.