Creative Arts Therapy and Family Constellation

115_1525Creative Arts Therapy can be used for in depth psychotherapy or for more general well-being to enhance self awareness and creativity in individual consultations as well as in group situations. For more information about creative groups click here.

Absolutely no artistic skills are required to profit from this approach. The focus is on the process rather than the outcome and there no right or wrong way to use materials or express yourself. The facililtator is not there to analyse but to encourage you to find your own truth and discoveries.

This approach is experientially based and combines the left and right brain functions, reconnecting us to our creative, intuitive knowing in our search to integrate all of who we are.

Often when problems arise we can find ourselves in a stuck mental space and the issues surrounding the problem are vague and unclear. Expressing what we feel and experience through a visual representation of any kind, be it through movement, paint, crayon, clay, collage as a metaphore, brings more clarity to our inner expl126_2695orations, making it more visible and tangible than only talking about our issues.

The person can decide how close or far she/he wants to look at it, can physically maneuver it and change it and envisage other outcomes. In this way one can experience the power of choice and responsibility in imagining and creating the life she/he wants to live.

Art Therapy meets Family Constellation Work

Art Therapy and Systemic, Family Costellation work create a powerful, experiential combination to address individual and trans-generational issues in one on one sessions and group work. Both approaches complement each other well as a tool to find insights, integration and the trust in what supports us.

For more information about Constellation work and groups click here.

General Approach to Therapy

Successful Therapy involves respectful, non-judgmental relating during which you will learn to self-care and develop trust to express yourself more freely and discover and follow what supports and nurtures you in your life.

The therapeutic relationship is not an authority/client relationship of dis-empowerment but is a collaborative exploration of your personal life experiences. It is about having support in bringing back to you the trust of being your whole authentic self in relating and living. I will invite you at times to some creative and experiential explorations but we always support and follow what feels right for you.

During these processes you grow to understand and clarify how your beliefs shape and effect your life and discover and experience new options open to you rather than repeatedly being driven unconsciously into unwanted situations. The past can surface in our present experience, but the focus is on here and now and stepping forward into more supportive ways of living.

From a professional view the approach is process oriented, person-centered, body-centered, multi modal and experiential.