The Language of the Soul, FC Group July

I hope this finds you all in good spirits, managing all the balls we tend to juggle…and hopefully finding spacious and quiet moments in between to find rest and peace.

I have returned from the international Family constellation training in Bali, after extending my stay to give myself the needed space and time to integrate a deep, and at times challenging, time, full of healing, insights and learning in many aspects. It was also so good to experience the power of this work from ‘the other side’ as a participant again.
The focus of the training was on the healing sentences used in FC which were termed by the facilitator Shavasti, as the language of soul. Healing sentences acknowledge simple facts of events in the past and bring to light basic feelings and needs which we share as human beings over generations. The clarity of words and silence in between is what reaches the heart and soul of the people in the whole system. The language of the soul invites us to surrender our stories, embrace what needs to be integrated and discover the love and presence beyond ego constructs so we may embrace our lives more fully.

If this resonates with you come and join me on

Saturday 13th of July 2024

Contribution $120
Numbers are strictly limited to keep the groups small and intimate
You can book your space at

For people who like to book a family constellation please get in touch with me
Day to be announced
1/2 Day 10am -12:30pm
Contribution for issue holder: $200
Contribution for representatives: $50

Numbers are strictly limited to keep the groups small and intimate
There is also an option to have an interview to clarify your issue privately before the constellation.

PS If you are experiencing a financially challenging time and like to come to any of the groups, please get it touch.
More details with directions will be sent closer to time to all participants.

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