March, 2024:

Family Constellation Workshop with Hania Gorski

I received a very insightful and healing one on one constellation session from Hania Gorski and have invited her to facilitate our next group.
Hania Gorski is an experienced therapist (35 years) and the Constellation Work facilitator (25 years). She is one of the 1st generation of Bert Hellinger’s students with 240 hours of direct group training with Bert. Hania has also trained with many leaders of the Constellation Work method in Europe and Australia. Her particular interest in working with people is trauma, including intergenerational trauma – supporting people towards empowerment and growth. The Constellation Work and phenomenological method has been, in Hania’s experience – an invaluable tool in succeeding in the post-trauma growth process.

I will be present as a participant and host. My next group is planned at the end of April. Send me an email if you like to be on my mailing list or sign up at home page.

Warmth and Blessings Claudia

You can pre-book your constellation with an extra cost.

Saturday 6th of April 2024

Cost for representatives $90
To book your constellation $180

Bring your own lunch
The venue is a 5 minutes drive from Mullumbimby. More details with directions will be sent to all participants prior to the workshop.

You can book your space at