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Personal Shrines

Create your own personal shrine and celebrate what touches your heart.

Tending to personal home shrines is a tradition dating back thousands of years.

You don’t need to be an artist to profit from this process and it doesn’t matter what kind of belief or religion you embrace.

Shrines and altars can be used for a point of focus in your home to support:

Meditation Prayer and Gratitude

Honouring heart-connections to people and animals

Remembering and processing special life events:

  • Weddings and Engagements
  • Birth
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Grief and Healing
  • Goal setting and visioning

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Open Studio Day

The open studio day is at present available for all shrine makers working in cardboard or in clay. This is an open space where you get inspired by others and get individual support from Claudia at whichever stage you are in your shrine making process.

Every Monday 10am- 1 pm

Bookings are essential. Only 8 spaces available. Tea provided.

Place: Mullumbimby/ 52 Robinsons Road (on a beautiful and peaceful property just 5min. out of town.)

Investment: $35 / Consession $25

More about Shrine making at