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A Personal Shrine, a unique Gift for Christmas

Having a personal home shrine is a reminder and focus of what really matters in our life. A daily ritual to burn an insence or put a flower helps you to keep that focus alive and encourages self reflection and moments of just being with yourself. Treat yourself to a personal shrine or give unique […]

Art Therapy Healing Trauma

Art therapy is still in the process of getting more accepted and integrated in the mental health system. This short video is full of testimonies and comments from experts in the mental health field to validate the healing power of Art Therapy.

2011 ANZATA Conference

Here is a link to information about the next Australina and New Zealand Arts Therapy conference held in Brisbane. The conference will be held from the 11th – 13th of November 2011.

Arts in Healthcare Conference

Here some information which may be of interest about this area. The people who sent this information have a very informative website regarding arts in healthcare. Arts in Health Conference: Call for Papers The Society for the Arts in Healthcare is now accepting abstracts for presentations at our 23rd annual international conference, Arts & Health: […]

From Victimhood to Empowerment

We all are searching for a sense of control in our lives in order to have a feeling of safety and freedom.Losing control of life, one’s body and emotions can be a fear inducing experience. Any kind of trauma is experienced in that way and we all carry various degrees of it in some form. […]

Nature and Secret Places

Unfortunately there are more and more children spending less time in nature and more time in front of their computers. Here an interview about the importance of being in touch with nature combined with an other talk about children’s special and secret places.