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Women’s Resource Service/ 6wk Art Therapy

The Women’s Resource Service is pleased to be able to offer the Art Therapy Group with Claudia Gyr (Leaney)  in term 3 for women who have experienced domestic violence or trauma in their lives. The feedback from women who have attended this group has been overwhelmingly positive: “It has changed my life completely”….. “I was […]

Shrine Making Workshops May/June 2012

2 Day Shrine Making Workshops Our lives have become so busy that we often forget or/and have difficulties to make space for what is meaningful in our lives. In this workshop you get to explore what really matters to you whatever that may be and create your own personal shrine to bring that into focus. […]

Shrine making workshops April/May

People have created shrines for thousands of years to celebrate and honour connection to spirit, nature, significant people and important life events; in short, anything which holds meaning and deserves remembrance, such as: Worship and Prayer Love and Gratitude Mindfulness and Meditation Healing and Wellbeing Birth Death Relationships Creative Visualisations Our lives have become so […]

A celebration of women 31th March 2012

A DAY OF NURTURE FOR ALL WOMEN – The Red Tent Festival is a special day just for women to celebrate, reflect and nurture themselves. All girls and women from 12 years of age and onwards are warmly welcomed and babes in arms only. Claudia is offering a three hour art therapy workshop on self […]

Women’s Resource Service/ 6wk Art Therapy

Post from Mullumbimby Neighbourhood Center: The Women’s Resource Service and Art Therapist Claudia Gyr, will be offering this 6-week Art Therapy group for women who have experienced domestic violence or trauma in their lives. About Claudia Gyr – Claudia Gyr (Leaney) is a leading Art Therapist in the area and has previously ran this group […]

Introduction to Arts Therapy

This year the one day introduction course will run again through the Mullumbimby Community College. A popular and enjoyable day to get a taste of Arts Therapy. Participants will gain a basic understanding of the principles of Arts Therapy and its uses in different contexts. We will engage in some simple examples of experiential, interactive […]